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Practical Info


International flights arrive at São Tomé Airport. From there it is a 35 minutes flight to Príncipe.

From Libreville, Gabon is a direct flight to Príncipe with Afrijet.

Private charters can fly directly to Príncipe. It has an airport of entry with custom and immigration facilities. For further information, check FPPR or contact the hotel at

Guests of Belo Monte can benefit from the hotel plane, a Dornier 228, flying in the region that provides charter services between the islands and regional capitals like Douala, Libreville, Luanda and Accra.

For more info:

Inter Island

STP Airways

Flights between São Tomé and Príncipe
6 days per week


Flights between São Tomé and Príncipe
1 day per week

From Libreville, Gabon

Connects with many African Countries among which South Africa – Johannesburg and with Paris (France)


Asky The Pan African Airline

From Lisbon, Portugal

(Connects with Europe and United States)

Lisbon – Accra – São Tomé – Accra – Lisbon

Lisbon – São Tomé – Lisbon

From Luanda, Angola

(Connects with South Africa, Namibia, Mozambique)

TAAG Angola

From Accra, Ghana

(Connects with Western African Countries most European Capitals, United States - Denver and New York)

Accra- S. Tome-Accra

When to go

The islands in the Gulf of Guinea have a typical oceanic equatorial climate, with average annual temperatures between 24⁰ and 30⁰C and high humidity throughout the year. The island’s climate knows two main seasons:

The rainy season runs from March to May and from mid-September to November. During In this period temperatures are higher, with average values around 30ºC and brief rain spells most of the days. The skies range from dark clouds to bright blue, and misty forests give the island its Jurassic Park views. The perfect period for amazing photos! Ocean surface waters are warm (27-30 °C).

The dry season, known as Gravana, runs from mid-June to mid-September and the short dry season ‘Gravanita’ from mid December to mid February. Rain is almost absent. The sky is usually overcast and temperatures are more moderate, with temperatures between 26⁰ and 28⁰C. Likewise, water temperatures can be a bit lower.

There are highlights all year round in Príncipe.