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The beaches around Belo Monte offer spectacular snorkelling opportunities. Our marine guides will ensure you are equipped and taken to the best places to experience the amazing marine life in a safe and enjoyable manner.


The kayaks are waiting for you at Praia Banana for a tour with or without a guide.

Boat tours

Going out by boat gives you the opportunity to see Principe’s amazing landscape from another perspective. The boat will stop at selected snorkelling spots and drop you off at a few deserted beaches.

Whale watching

Through the months of July to October Humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) visit the waters around Príncipe as they move from their summer feeding grounds in low latitudes to more tropical mating and calving areas.

Turtle watching

From October to April you can visit the turtle protection program at Praia Grande. If you are lucky you will see a turtle lay her eggs. Later in the season you can witness the little turtles come out of the nests and run to the sea.


Fancy trying your luck in catching one of the game fish around Príncipe island? An experienced crew will take you out to give you the best chances. We only allow sustainable fishing methodologies and operate through a catch-and-release policy.