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Our drivers are ready to take you out by car or you can book a quad bike tour and drive yourself! Quad bike tours will be accompanied by a tour guide on a separate bike.

Explore the secluded beaches, make a tailored bird watching tour to discover the endemic species of the island, or go for one of the cultural tours. A variety of options is available. A few examples:

North & West

On this excursion you will be taken past the villages of Picao, past the airport to Sundi Plantation. The largest of the Principe Plantations, Sundi offers spectacular views and amazing colonial architecture, also the location where Einstein's theory of relativity was proven.

Central and South

From Belo Monte, we drive to San Antonio, and on towards Terreiro Velho Plantation. This roads takes you first across the Rio Pappagaio, past the beautiful beaches of Praia Evora...and finally the spectacular views at Mirrador before we reach the end of the road. (A variety of hikes can be taken from here).

Eastern part

* Quads recommended
From Belo Monte, we go straight down to Praia Grande, the largest and most spectacular beaches in Principe. Its unpredictable currents and isolation make this also the primary breading beach for oceanic turtles. (Visiting Praia Grande requires a hike of 25 minutes)

From Praia Grande, we continue on to the beautiful Praia Boi (Bull Bay). An easy, scenic drive will bring you back to Belo Monte in time for afternoon tea.

In the neighbourhood

On this excursion, we take you to our coastal neighbours at Praia Burra, an artisanal fishing village. Learn more about the fishing methods they apply, the species they fish for and appreciate their simplistic lifestyle.

(Optional hike to down the beach from Praia Das Burras to Praia Banana, with transport back to Belo Monte)