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Explore the clear waters of Príncipe Island

The Islands offer adequate spots for various experience levels from beginners to professionals, and the adventure may start with simple snorkelling in order to leisurely enjoy the abundant marine life of the archipelago's crystal clear waters. Given the island's privileged location (virtually on the Greenwich meridian and just off the Equator), it offers ideal conditions in terms of visibility and water temperature for underwater sports.

The reefs are made largely of hard corals and interesting rock formations. A large variety of marine life exists including bright red soldiers, snapper, goat fish, barracuda, turtles, eels, lazy nurse sharks, stony coral, gorgonian sea fans, and volcanic boulders coated in anemone like hard corals of vibrant orange/red and yellow colours. Belo Monte has a shore dive for beginners - snapper, octopus and angelfish can be seen as you follow the wall that protects Banana Beach. Pedra de Adalio is a reef dive west of Belo Monte which you reach by boat, and has octopus, eel, groupers and sturgeons. Pedra de Galle is a deep dive to 30 metres that challenges divers as it goes down a sheer rock face teeming with trigger fish, snapper and barracuda. Maria Coreo is again to 30 meters and is only suitable for advanced divers. There are many reef fish here, along with moray eels, turtles and nurse sharks.

Jockey Cap Island has a dive of 24m with large schools of small fish, barracuda, parrot fish, trigger fish and sometimes turtles. Many of the reefs lie at 10m but deep dives to 30 plus meters are possible. During February and March storms occasionally churn the sea making diving unpleasant. During the rainy seasons the diving can still be good. In June and July, the sea is slightly choppy while the sunniest period is from November to the end of March. Scuba diving is not recommended from March to mid-May due to the rivers emptying into the sea.

Not a diver but always wanted to try?

No problem! We offer tryout scuba dives in the pool. Find out what it is like to breath under water with our inhouse instructor. If you like it we can take you on a guided dive in the ocean to see the beautiful underwater world.